A right of passage for the winning fan base, the Red Sox Championship DVD was excellent.

Last night I was fortunate enough to go to an early showing of the Red Sox 2018 World Series DVD. It was an absolutely great experience not only to get a little bit of baseball back in my life, but to watch and relive the great moments with fellow Sox fans. Not only was the DVD itself great, the opportunity to be able to sit a few rows behind John Henry, Dave Dombrowski, Sam Kennedy, Alex Cora, and Brock Holt and watch their reactions to different moments made it a fantastic experience.

Without giving away too much exclusive information (SPOILER ALERT: the Red Sox do win in the end), I’ll highlight some of the parts that I found to be the best.

1. The narration done by Uzo Aduba was absolutely fantastic.

Uzo Aduba, a Boston native, will become the first woman to narrate a World Series DVD in MLB history, and she knocked it out of the park.

2. The Dodgers player interviews were excellent. 

These interviews were obviously done after the World Series ended and for Dodgers players to be willing to contribute to the Red Sox WS DVD was awesome.

3. The conversations during the games between players and coaches were insightful.

As fans, we see players and coaches discussing strategy on the broadcast; however what’s being said is never determined. In this DVD, fans get to hear some of what they’re saying. Red Sox first base coach Tom Goodwin was by far the most talkative person on the field at all times, and everything he says was gold.

4. Steve Pearce is an absolute legend.

We already knew this as he took home the World Series MVP honors, but behind the scenes he is one of the most authentic people you will ever hear speak. The passion that he has for the game is clearly displayed on and off the field. The Red Sox should be thrilled that he will be returning in 2019.

5. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are insane competitors, and friends.

Before Game 5 Betts and Martinez shared a nice moment in the batting cages. They both knew that they had been struggling in the prior games and this moment shows how much they care about winning. It’s genuine, authentic, and builds a close bound with Red Sox nation.

6. The ending will have you yelling at your TV.

No spoiler here, but it got the theater very hyped up. Brace yourselves.

The DVD itself was amazing, but watching the reactions of Sam Kennedy with Alex Cora during the Chris Sale strikeout was amazing to watch. Sam Kennedy, who grew up a lifelong Red Sox fan and worked way up to becoming the President and CEO of the Red Sox, was celebrating like another fan with manager Alex Cora.

Dave Dombrowski laughing with Brock Holt when he took a dive into the cooler during the celebration. Brock Holt takes a playful jab at Cora by saying he was “the first player to ever be benched after hitting for the cycle in a postseason game”.

The experience of reliving the World Series with members who were heavily involved in winning the franchises 4th championship in this century, is something that was so meaningful and a moment I’ll never forget.

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