The Boston Red Sox have shown interest in the veteran infielder, but does he have a future with Cora’s club?

As the reigning World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox don’t have an abundance of holes that need to be filled. However, the proactive thinking often times can be the difference between great clubs and championship-caliber teams.

The proactive style of thinking is on display with the Red Sox showing interest in former Toronto Blue Jays’ and Colorado Rockies’ shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki.

Let’s be real, Tulowitzki is a shell of the multiple time Gold Glove & Silver Slugger winner that he once was in Colorado. In his last full season (2016), the shortstop collected a .254 average, 24 HR’s, and 79 RBI’s. He was acquired for a premium by Toronto and never produced as well as they had anticipated; however it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a valuable acquisition.

Truthfully, the question with “Tulo” becomes his availability. He’d instantly become a valuable depth addition, joining Eduardo Nunez and Brock Holt, and would immediately full any void that has been left without Ian Kinsler. It’s been reported that he’d be willing to change positions with his next club, which could leave the Red Sox seeing him as a valuable defensive replacement for Rafael Devers, or allow Alex Cora to give Xander Bogaerts and Dustin Pedroia routine rest.

The notion that Dombrowski would replace Bogaerts with Tulowitzki is nothing more than a pot-stirring thought. If nothing else, the veteran shortstop could mentor C.J. Chatham, a Red Sox prospect that has a very similar physical build.

In regards to salary, the Red Sox wouldn’t owe him anything more than league minimum, though widespread interest could raise the price. Regardless, a large financial commitment is out of the question and obtaining a player that knows the AL East and can produce both offensively, and defensively, is huge.

If Tulowitzki receives a clean bill of health, there’s little reason for the Red Sox to pass on the opportunity to add a seasoned veteran.

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