Photo Credit: MassLive

As news broke yesterday of Manny Machado signing his massive 10-year, $300 million contract, many people started to ask how this move affects superstar Mookie Betts who hits the free agent market in 2021.

When the news came out, Betts was asked what he thought about the Machado signing:

“I mean, I think we’re different players so obviously it’s going to be a different time, so I don’t want to speak on anybody else’s free agency.”

“It’s not just about me. The guys behind me, you want to do things for them. As players, we’re all kind of one. We play the game. You just have to kind of pass the baton to the next guy and think about their family.”

Quotes via WEEI’s Rob Bradford

Mookie’s right. They are different players. Betts is a far-better player than Machado and deserves to make more money. Obviously, the Red Sox will do anything in their power to try and re-sign him but right now, I don’t see the two sides agreeing to an extension unless the Red Sox are able to give him a huge contract like Machado’s.

If Machado is worth 10 years and $300 million, then what is the 2018 American League MVP worth? The Red Sox and Betts reached a $20 million contract earlier this offseason to avoid arbitration, which was a record for a player in their second year of arbitration eligibility. It’s clear that the biggest two necessities will be the length of the deal, and a player option – trends of the most lucrative deals throughout Major League Baseball.

Betts has been asked numerous times this offseason about his upcoming free agency. From his comments, it sure does sound like he wants to test the market and see what kind of offers he gets. The Red Sox are going to keep Mookie at all-costs, but it certainly will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

It’s no question that Mookie will get paid. I fully expect him to get a bigger deal than Machado. Not only was yesterday a good day for Manny Machado, but one for Mookie Betts as well.