Alex Cora has officially announced who the Red Sox will be starting on March 28 against the Seattle Mariners. Surprising no one, Chris Sale will be getting the first start of the season.

The announcement comes one day after Sale made his Spring Training debut. In his debut, the left-handed ace threw four scoreless innings, fanning seven batters, and allowing just two hits.

There was a little bit of speculation on who would start Opening Day since Sale hasn’t seen a lot of action this spring. Chris Mason, the latest guest on the podcast (dropping this week), and I discussed who we wanted to get the first start of the season. Both of us agreed on Nathan Eovaldi. Considering Eovaldi’s post-season heroics, we both thought Eovaldi deserved to get the start. However, I have no problem with Sale getting the start.

The rest of the rotation has yet to be announced, but will likely be something similar to what we saw all last year.

Photo Credit: Main picture of Sale, USA Today