It was mostly bad for the Red Sox on opening weekend, but one star collected a career milestone.

It can’t be understated how poor of a weekend it was for the defending World Series champions. The once-vaunted pitching staff was beaten to a pulp by a mediocre Mariners lineup; however there were a few bright spots thanks to the Red Sox offense.

On numerous occasions, the Sox felt out of the game, but rallied late and pushed Seattle to the brink of multiple losses. While they were unable to collect more than one win, the Red Sox offense flashed.

J.D. Martinez was one of the lone bright spots this weekend while launching multiple homeruns and collecting hit 1,000 for his career.

It was a rough weekend, but Martinez was able to collect a huge milestone. It’s hard to believe this is the same player that was once released by the Houston Astros.

While it was a rough weekend, there’s plenty of season to go.

It’s on to Oakland.