These are troubled times for the Boston Red Sox and emotional turmoil for the fans. Will the turnaround begin?

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Is it finger-pointing time yet?  I know from social media that the panic button was shoved full force somewhere in Seattle as Red Sox Nation fully expected traction at the beginning similar to the traction that started the 2018 season.

Pitching is the art of deception and so far the deception part has been almost non-existent from the most unlikely of sources – the rotation. The bullpen has certainly been taxed due to rotation inefficiency, but the good news is you don’t need a closer when you lose, but a stopper would be nice. Maybe an adoption of the Tampa “opener” strategy will be used? I will leave that to the metrics folks.


When good teams go bad it is generally no great revelation to look at pitching, but in this instance, the offense has also decided to roll over and occasionally play dead. Sometimes hitting is contagious, and so is losing when mysteriously nothing seems to just go right. If there was a secret to solving the mysterious malady I would be out attempting to time the stock market – another foolish endeavor.

Continuing on the financial comparisons we have seen all the failing records of teams in the past that turned it around.  Be aware that past failure or success is not indicative of future failure or success. Each season is a stand alone.

Is this team falling off a cliff? Is there a burgeoning grim reality that the season will be frittered away? Remember back to the financial crisis of 2008-09? The mantra spoken by the government was some businesses are “Too big to fail.” For the Red Sox let’s paraphrase that to “Too good to fail.”

A team does not win 108 games and with almost the same actors suddenly forget their lines. Certainly, 108 was an unusual and unexpected result, but after three division titles, this is a team that has 95 wins just showing up.  Unfortunately, they have shown up only to be put into a baseball wood chipper.

My suggestion to put the current malady into a dark place in the Red Sox fans collective. This team has experience, exceptional leadership, astute management, a wealth of talented players whose skills complement each other. Expect this team to win and with the Yankees suddenly facing a rash of untimely injuries a division title may be again in the offering.

Play the patience game with the Red Sox since the season is a long haul. Come back after forty or fifty games and that will be the benchmark. If not then that panic button just may be needed.