It was a rough night for the Red Sox, but losing a veteran completes a brutal series.

You’ll find many hot takes on the Red Sox most recent series with the New York Yankees, but not on this particular piece. Other than a late implosion by the Sox bullpen, the primary story of the night was the way-too-early departure of Dustin Pedroia.

It was deemed to be left knee soreness, which of course was surgically repaired. While the game went on, it was later announced that Pedroia left the clubhouse during the game with an “illness”.

To make matters worse, Alex Cora‘s postgame notes were less than encouraging.

As a man that has been a former teammate of Dustin Pedroia, and now manager, hearing Cora say that he’s “never seen him like that” is not encouraging. The rehab process is taxing on any athlete, but a player that is beginning to show his age – like Dustin – can become entirely deflated. Additionally, the manager mentioned that the Red Sox will need to call up an additional second baseman this weekend, which certainly sounds like the veteran is headed for the Injured List.


There’s no hot take ready, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that we may have seen the last of Dustin Pedroia the starter. It’s becoming increasingly clear that his body is not built to play middle infield for a 162 game season, but he can certainly be an Ian Kinsler type of value for this club.

It would be wise, if he does hit the Injured List, that the Red Sox give him extended time to find his swing and timing while on a rehab assignment. There is zero benefit to rushing the veteran back to the team and the organization owes it to the player to give him the best shot at getting back to his norm, whatever that looks like now.

There’s certainly an outside chance that, depending on the severity, we’ve seen the last of Dustin Pedroia. It’s unlikely, but yet again the entire start to the 2019 season has been just that. As Alex Cora said, we’ll know more soon on the severity of this particular injury.

On to Tampa…