The Red Sox prospect has been a much-needed bright spot for a struggling club.

When Red Sox top prospect Michael Chavis made his major league debut during a trip to St. Petersburg, most fans were happy to see success early on for the 23-year-old. But no one could have predicted the impact he’d have right away on the clubhouse and the fan base. From a 400-foot double in his first at-bat to a bomb at Fenway Park, Chavis has provided energy and reason for hope in this young season. After putting on a great performance in an exciting series versus the Tigers, Chavis continued to impress during a weekend series versus the Rays.


A Prospect’s Journey to the Big Leagues

After being drafted as a shortstop in 2014, Chavis spent his minor league career skipping from position to position. He started games at third base for the majority of the spring, but eventually shifted to second later in the regular season. Chavis’ arrival advanced when all three of the Sox second basemen hit the IL, and the young prospect got the call. One thing has been consistent throughout his minor league career: Chavis was a power hitter. Chavis is built to play in Fenway, it seems. A right-handed hitter who is able to pull the ball quite well, Chavis has already experienced success in Boston.

After being mentored by Pedroia, it’s no wonder Chavis brings such positivity to this club. Chavis has only amped up the clubhouse since his arrival. But his future is still in question. With Pedroia, Holt, and Nuñez set to return sometime this season, how should the Red Sox handle their top prospect? He could become a backup third baseman, presuming Nuñez remains at second. Or he could possibly beat out Nuñez or Holt to become a backup second baseman. As for what is to come of Chavis this year, only time will tell. If upper management demotes the youngster to the minors, they will almost certainly receive backlash from the fan base, which has already grown to love Chavis during his short time in a Red Sox uniform.