It’s rare that you see a rookie make an immediate impact, but the Red Sox are quite impressed with their young prospect.

Photo Credit: NESN

At times, the Red Sox have had players that are considered must-see TV. Whether it was David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, Manny Ramirez, or a legendary star, the impact on the fans is captivating. It’s a matter of stopping what you’re currently doing in favor of watching the Red Sox play for a period of time.

Michael Chavis has that impact on the 2019 Red Sox.

His immediate impact has reached the point where fans around New England hone in when they know number twenty-three is headed to the plate. Whether it’s the captivating smile, obvious love for the game, in-game note taking, or his tape measure blasts, Chavis is becoming a fan favorite among Red Sox fans everywhere.

Friday night was no different as Michael Chavis launched a 450+ foot homerun into the cold Chicago night.

It was a blast that had his manager, Alex Cora, saying “wow.” Obviously, there will be times where the young prospect will struggle at the Major League level, but his immediate impact is impossible to ignore. While the Red Sox have veterans nearing returns to the active roster, don’t be surprised to continue to see Chavis in the lineup.


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