The Red Sox rotation is expected to get a boost in the very near future.

After the Red Sox demolished the Seattle Mariners in a three game weekend matchup, they continued to get good news in the form of a status report. Alex Cora discussed that he expects David Price to return to the rotation during the Houston Astros series next week, or against the Toronto Blue Jays a few days later.


As the Red Sox are riding a hot streak that has seen them with 16 of their last 22 and win four straight series’, it’s important to continue by staying healthy. David Price’s return will dispel the dreaded “staff days” or avoid a potential Josh Smith or Ryan Weber start.

While words are merely just that, the Red Sox gameplan did nothing to dispel that notion as both Weber, and Smith, appeared in relief roles within the past few days. It would be hard to imagine either of them appearing out of the bullpen and then making starts a few days later – great news for Sox fans.

Hector Velazquez has done an admirable job filling in for the injured Nathan Eovaldi, but there’s no doubt that the Boston Red Sox are looking forward to getting all members of their rotation back. It’s been a great stretch of baseball for the defending World Series champs and it’s hard to imagine that gaining the services of David Price will do anything to slow them down.