It’s been a long road, but the 2013 Red Sox closer will hang up the spikes this year.

It was a tremendous career for the Japanese star, Koji Uehara. While being announced late Sunday night that he would retire from professional baseball, the former Red Sox closer heard plenty of appreciation from his adoring fans in Boston.


For the Boston Red Sox, 2013 was a magical season. What once began as a tragedy, turned into a storybook ending as the club wrapped it’s metaphorical arms around the city. It’s occasionally lost in the narrative, but Koji Uehara’s 1.09 ERA over 74.1 innings may never be replicated.

He was automatic in the postseason as well, converting all 7 save opportunities and allowing a mere one run over 13 appearances. It broke the heart of many Red Sox fans when he wasn’t quite as effective as he once was, leading to the addition of Craig Kimbrel; however the appreciation has never wavered.

Whether it was the high-five’s, hugs, or blaring Sandstorm throughout Fenway Park, it was a journey that all Red Sox fans are thankful they were able to take part in. Thank you Koji, best of luck in the future!