It was a brief return for the Red Sox first baseman.

Yesterday, there was joy around Red Sox nation upon the news of Mitch Moreland‘s return to the active roster; however it was a short visit. After just two at-bats against the Tampa Bay Rays, Moreland was removed to the game with a quad injury. Immediately following the game, Alex Cora announced that he “wasn’t feeling too good,” which ultimately lead to the veteran landing on the injured list.


The Take:

Obviously, this is highly disappointing news for the Boston Red Sox. Mitch Moreland was thought to be a breath of fresh air with the struggling rookie, Michael Chavis. It’s certainly possible that Cora will look to give him a break by allowing Sam Travis playing time, but it will likely be “trial by fire” until he hits his stride.

On a positive note, Marco Hernandez will be returning to the majors for the first time in two seasons. Before his injury, he was platooning within the infield and proving to be a valuable asset to the Red Sox. A shoulder injury derailed the promise that he was exemplifying, followed by a lengthy rehab process.

Hernandez was hitting .303 in Pawtucket before being recalled on Saturday morning.