The Red Sox plan to continue to try and find a closer from within.

According to a report from NESN’s Tom Caron, the Red Sox will use Nathan Eovaldi as the team’s closer once he returns from the Injury List. Caron also mentions that Eovaldi will be used as a traditional closer rather than a bullpen-by-committee method that the Red Sox have been using all season.


GF’s Take:

The Red Sox obviously do not want to go out and spend any money whatsoever on a reliever and will keep trying different guys out at the closer role to see if they can get lucky and find a guy that route.

The thing is, if you use Eovaldi as a closer, you have a weak starting rotation. The team can’t find a fifth starter that is able to give them enough innings consistently, taxing the bullpen in the process. Since Eovaldi went to the IL, the Red Sox cannot get a solid stat out of their fifth starter. Two weeks ago, Dombrowski said they need Eovaldi back because of that.

Another thing to this is that the Red Sox would be paying Eovaldi $17 million a year just to be the closer. That doesn’t make sense at all from a money standpoint. The Red Sox are paying Eovaldi to be a STARTER – not a closer.


I’ve also seen reporters and writers highlight injury concerns for Eovaldi if he is going to be put into that closer role right away. He’s coming off a scary injury that he has had to deal with multiple times. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to start throwing him into higher-leveraged situations as a closer.

We will see how this all plays out and I expect more news to come out on the subject later today.

Photo Credit: Frank Franklin / AP