The team announced the signing on Saturday morning.

The Red Sox took right-hander Noah Song in the fourth round of this years MLB Draft. Song was supposed to, from my understanding, spend time in the service before playing baseball since he attended the U.S. Naval Academy. However, President Donald Trump signed a memorandum a few weeks ago that would allow college athletes that attend military academies to immediately play their professional sport.

The situation is still confusing to me, but what I am getting out of the news is that the Red Sox have officially signed Song and he has been assigned to Short Season Lowell. While he is playing there, he will serve as an officer in Newport, Rhode Island. Song is set to begin flight school to become a Navy flight officer on November 1st.


As my co-writer and good friend Cody Collins mentions on Twitter, Song is a stud and has first-round stuff. If the Red Sox can get him to play immediately, that would be a huge win for the organization. And if you don’t believe me when I say that he is a first-round caliber pitcher, check out the video below.


Photo Credit: U.S. Navy Sports