The reigning MVP had himself a night at the plate.

If you ask many Red Sox fans their thoughts on Mookie Betts’ performance thus far this season, a lot of fans would probably say something along the lines of a disappointing season for the 2018 AL MVP. And the answer to that is yes – Mookie has had a setback from last year but can you really improve from last season?

The numbers that the Red Sox outfielder put up last year were preposterous. Betts ended the season slashing .346 / .438 / .640 with 32 homers, 80 RBIs, and 47 doubles. He had a 1.078 OPS, which led the MLB. And to cap it off, Mookie had the best WAR for a position player since Barry Bonds (2000). So yeah, you can’t really get any better.

However, lately Mookie Betts has really shown signs that he is starting to break out. He has been smoking the ball in recent games – he just hadn’t been getting hits to fall in. But things changed tonight.


The Red Sox right fielder smashed three straight home runs and an RBI double in last night’s game against the Yankees. After the game, it came out that Mookie had promised a Make-A-Wish child a home run. Betts ended up giving him three.

We can sit back and enjoy this for a little while, but the Red Sox have more business to take care of. I think my co-writer Cody Collins said it best:

Photo Credit of Mookie Betts: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports