Red Sox fans have been asking this question all season.

Dave Dombrowski’s first move of the trade deadline came on July 13th. It addressed an obvious need of another starting pitcher in Andrew Cashner. Reportedly, that may be the only move the Red Sox President of Baseball Operations makes.

As Cody Collins wrote on Friday, ESPN’s Red Sox writer Joon Lee, reported that he is hearing that Dave Dombrowski is insisting on standing pat at the deadline and that “Boston will likely not chase a reliever at the deadline.” I like to take anything Dombrowski says at this time of year as a grain of salt, but maybe he is telling the truth this time. Lee also mentions in the article that Dombrowski is committed to “maintaining the top of their prospect pool.” It’s pretty well known that Dealin’ Dave hasn’t been that cautious in the past with prospects in trades, but he has gotten a worthy return in (mostly) all of those acquisitions. However, attempting to be conservative at this time doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

I am of the opinion that when you have a chance to win now, you do so. It’s not every year that you have the opportunity to compete for a championship. The Red Sox are in that window. And I believe they need to go for it and attempt to win it all again. But frankly, I don’t think the Red Sox can win a championship with this roster. The bullpen has proven to be costly in certain situations and you can’t win in October with that happening.


That’s why Dave Dombrowski needs to go out and get another arm. Like I mentioned above, getting Andrew Cashner was a good first step. The Red Sox needed another solid fifth starter to round out their rotation and Cashner has done a decent job. Now, a reliever is needed. I understand that Nathan Eovaldi is now in the bullpen, but I don’t necessarily think it’s fair to Eovaldi to throw him in the bullpen and give him a closer role, something he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience at doing. Plus, the Red Sox aren’t paying Eovaldi to be a reliever.

There has to be a relief arm out on the market that wouldn’t take much to acquire. One guy on the market that the Red Sox have been connected to the last couple of days is Mets reliever Edwin Diaz. Even if the Red Sox were to give up a couple of decent / good prospects to get Edwin Diaz, I think it would be worth it. He’s a guy that was one of the best closers in all of baseball last season, but has struggled this year. But there are still guys on the market that would cost less than Diaz that would be a good fit for this bullpen. *cough cough Seth Lugo

I said in my article a couple weeks back that another Mets reliever the Red Sox should target is Seth Lugo. Lugo is a guy that could be used in many different spots within the Red Sox bullpen, which is something they could use. More importantly, Alex Cora could use him in the eighth and ninth innings for six outs since he used to be used as a starter.


Whether or not the Red Sox do make a move by midday on Wednesday, we’ll most likely see a ton of rumors within the next 48 hours about guys the Red Sox are connected to. Let’s just hope they do decide to make a move by that time.

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