It’s a similar feel to the postseason, as the Red Sox are pushing all of the chips in to make a run.

There’s very little secret that there is a sense of urgency surrounding the Boston Red Sox. As the Wild Card race has drifted further, and further, away Alex Cora‘s club has shifted into a “win at all costs” mode.

Aside from the obvious that the club needs wins, the Red Sox recently announced that Nathan Eovaldi would be making his triumphant return to the starting rotation on Wednesday. Well, Brian Johnson made the start against the Cleveland Indians after Eovaldi appeared Tuesday night in relief – completely contrary to multiple, credible reports. The move was surprising enough that MLB Trade Rumors published a bit of a befuddled article in response to the move.


As if that wasn’t enough, Andrew Cashner collected the save on Tuesday night after he was jettisoned from the starting rotation. In his relief debut, Cashner flashed a very viable set of tools highlighted by a high 90’s fastball, hard slider, and devastating changeup. Rather than relying on the unit that has blown over 20 saves this season, Cora went out-of-the-box to get important outs against the Indians.

Rick Porcello was reportedly available out of the bullpen on Wednesday, in addition. These set of moves don’t signal a team that is trying to keep their pitchers appropriately rested, but rather a team that is desperate to make the postseason. Alex Cora and Dave Dombrowski know that anything can happen in October, and the Red Sox are merely hoping to get an invite.

The desperation set of moves allowed the Red Sox to garner a huge series win in Cleveland. Moving forward, Nathan Eovaldi should make his return to the rotation in the near future, but Cora has already displayed the willingness to deviate from a plan if a win is on the table. While Andrew Cashner shouldn’t receive too many more save opportunities, it would not be surprising to see his name called for important outs. Expect the unexpected for the remainder of the season, as the Red Sox are going to scratch and claw to make a return to the postseason.