It’s been awhile, but the 2011 Red Sox fell prey to a hot Rays club.

As it stands, the Boston Red Sox are six games out of the second Wild Card spot. After the season-long struggles, the deficit feels too tough to tackle, but stranger things have happened before. Trailing the Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics – and Tampa Bay Rays – the Sox are hoping to mirror a run that they experienced from the other side.

Yes, 2011 was a much different time, but the tides have turned. At the start of September, the Rays trailed the Red Sox by nine games and made up the deficit on the shoulders of Evan Longoria‘s heroics in Game 162. A sore subject, yes, but the poetic justice would be to flip the script against the same club.


In a sense, the 2019 Boston Red Sox are a far superior club to that of the 2011 Tampa Bay Rays. A high powered offense in Boston surpasses the lineup led by Longoria, Casey Kotchman, and many others that are out of baseball by now. While the Rays pitching staff might have been superior, featuring David Price, James Shields and Matt Moore – the Sox don’t lack for talent, but a mere sense of consistency.

Eight years later, the Red Sox have the opportunity to flip the script on a club that celebrated its marquee franchise moment after Game 162. David Price is now a member of the Sox, and while times have changed, he will need to lead a rotation that has struggled immensely.

It took a meltdown of catastrophic proportions, but it happened then and could easily happen now. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to come back on the same club that crushed postseason hopes in 2011? The Red Sox can only take it one game at a time and hope that it comes to fruition.