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Red Sox News: Red Sox part ways with Dave Dombrowski


Shocking, to say the least.

Early this morning, when a lot of Red Sox fans were in bed (including myself), Red Sox ownership decided to part ways with President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski. The firing comes less than a year after he brought a World Series championship to Boston.

The Red Sox didn’t fire any other front office members, including Tony La Russa and Frank Wren, who were advisors of Dombrowski’s. The team decided that the GM duties will be shared between Eddie Romero, Brian O’Halloran, and Zack Scott.

I can’t say I’m shocked that the Red Sox decided it was best to move the other direction, I’m just shocked that the move came at this point in the season. I saw a few tweets that gave my own thought – what is there to do for a front office from now until the end of October?

Another interesting detail that I have seen was in Jared Carrabis’ latest article on the firing of Dombrowski, he says that he heard that Dombrowski did not take the news too well which maybe says that the Red Sox had planned on releasing this news at a later date and that it was just leaked.

We will get into candidates to fill Dombrowski’s role in a different article, but my pick is Eddie Romero. He has been in that front office for awhile now and has done a really good job. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Sox announce the hiring of Romero in the next couple of weeks.