Before Monday night’s series finale against the Yankees, Alex Cora sat down and tackled reporters’ questions about his ex-General Manager, the man who gave him a shot as a big league manager, being fired. No one helped Cora in answering these questions. It was just Cora and the mass of reporters.

To backtrack a bit, the news of the firing of President of Baseball Operations David Dombrowski was announced shortly after midnight yesterday evening. In his press conference, once he was informed of the news, Alex Cora said ownership told him ‘you have to tell the players.’ Cora, as shocked and surprised as you were, had to go into the clubhouse and tell his team, following a 5-1 loss to the Yankees, that their boss had been fired.

There were several tweets following the announcement of the Dombrowski news that ownership was planning on holding a press conference to formally announce the move the next morning. Okay, understandable – it’s midnight and everyone just wants to go home. But, they didn’t. The team ended up just releasing a statement at 10 A.M. on Monday morning.


Sam Kennedy said, “Four years ago, we were faced with a critical decision about the direction of the franchise. We were extraordinarily fortunate to be able to bring Dave in to lead baseball operations. With a World Series Championship and three consecutive American League East titles, he has cemented what was already a Hall of Fame career.”

The press release finished off by reading, “There will be no formal media availability regarding today’s announcement. The Red Sox will have regular media access prior to tonight’s game.”

What kind of look does that bring to the Red Sox? A team that will be negotiating with two stars on their roster that will ultimately determine the team’s outlook for the next few years. Is that the kind of message you want to send to those guys?


The decision to fire Dave Dombrowski is one thing. If you asked team executives around the league before the formal announcement, they probably would have told you that a Dombrowski departure was likely. The timing of the decision is odd, but it’s a business, and anything can happen any day. But not coming out and at least addressing the media is a different thing. That’s a very bad move. The Red Sox owners easily could have made the right move, but now they have a mess. And it looks like that mess won’t be cleaned up for awhile.

Photo Credit: Yahoo! News