Throughout the 2019 season, the dynamic of the Red Sox began to shift. The reformed air of the entire Red Sox clubhouse is one that revolves around the young talent within the organization. This new feeling was unavoidable, considering the high count of players on the current roster who were developed within the Boston farm system. The view shifted from a classical execution of baseball management to a new, modern, and analytical one.

The Red Sox are adapting to the modern game

From the development of Rafael Devers to the hiring of Chaim Bloom, this organization is becoming younger and more analytical. This trend began early in 2019, as Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts became one of the best duos in baseball. Later on, it still developed when Michael Chavis surfaced in late April as an added power bat in the already dangerous lineup. As Chavis looks to take over as an everyday first baseman, the amount of young talent in the system continues to increase. Continuously, these young players appear on the major league roster. In accordance, the Red Sox average age proceeds to drop. During 2016, the average age of a player on the Red Sox was 28.75. In three years alone, that number dropped to 28.15 in 2019. As the organization continues to support these budding stars, a new, analytical style of play is sure to reveal itself.


Chaim Bloom brings a new feel to the organization

For the majority of the 21st century, The Red Sox have stuck with a classic baseball approach. In addition, Dana Levangie was at the helm of this stance. Early in the offseason, the decision to reassign him began the complete remodel of the front office. Along with the decision to bring in a young, analytical pitching coach, there was the placement of a young addition to the front office. Up until the week of his hiring, there was little connection between Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox. But once connected, most executives around the league praised Chaim and the Sox’ excellent hire. Bloom will bring a new aspect to this front office that has been lacking for the past 10 years: youth. Since the departure of Theo Epstein, youthful and creative ideas have been deprived from this front office. A new outlook from someone as experienced and creative as Bloom can do nothing but good for this Red Sox organization.

Prepare for a new atmosphere in 2020

With changes in the front office and on the diamond, it is obvious that the Red Sox are finally migrating into this modern age of baseball. To begin 2020, there will be lots of susceptible differences in all aspects of the club. In addition to these changes, Bloom is sure to make changes in the payroll almost immediately. Along with this, Bloom is known for his ability to draft and develop young talent. With their lack of pitching talent in the farm system, this was key to the hiring of Bloom. In 2020, it’s likely fans will see large changes in the lineup from last year. But with a young core and a creative chief baseball officer, Red Sox nation should still be satisfied with the future of the franchise.