It’s been a chaotic start to the new year, one that will leave the Red Sox searching for a new manager.

The Boston Red Sox are just a few weeks removed from many media members, and fans alike, complaining about a “slow offseason.” Boy, has that changed quickly. A slow offseason has morphed into one of pure chaos with the punishments given to the Houston Astros, the firing of A.J. Hinch, Alex Cora‘s resignation / firing, and shortly learning of the punishments that the Sox organization will have to deal with.

Chaim Bloom, the newly appointed Chief of Baseball Operations, inherited what was thought to be a dream job. A team just two seasons removed from a World Series championship loaded with a young core of talent, armed with one of the largest payrolls in baseball, and being tasked with cleaning up the cap situation and building up a depleted farm system. Cut and dry, right? Wrong. In a span of a few months, the job has shifted into patching up a historic organization before it spirals into a complete tailspin.

Amidst the chaos, there have been a plethora of internal candidates thrown around for stepping into the managerial opening. Jason Varitek and Dustin Pedroia are popular options; however have managed a grand total of zero games between the both of them. Ron Roenicke, the current bench coach, hasn’t managed since 2015 but would provide the continuity and experience that Bloom may find to be valuable.

Externally, the leading candidate would be Matt Quatraro – the current bench coach of the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s interviewed for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants jobs and has been studying under one of the game’s best up-and-coming managers in Kevin Cash. Additionally, there’s built up trust, and an existing relationship, between Bloom and Quatraro. Ken Rosenthal mentioned that it would be unlikely that he leaves Tampa Bay; however you’d imagine that he’ll be on a short list for a young GM that has inherited a tough situation.


So what’s the solution?

Chaim Bloom is the only person that will have the final say, but here’s the proposal. Varitek or Pedroia may be future managers in Boston; however it would be a disaster for either with no experience to get their first job in the current situation. As Pedroia is still on the active roster (for now), add Jason Varitek to the coaching staff as the bench coach. It will allow him to build additional rapport within the organization, as well as learning more of the day-to-day operations of a big league manager.

Next, hire a veteran to calm the storm. As of now, Ron Roenicke appears to be the front runner, and seems like an ideal candidate to become a steady presence in the midst of change. Roenicke can hold down the fort in the interim, if the Red Sox eventually want Varitek or Pedroia to take over.

Quatraro is a name to keep an eye on, but at this moment it seems unlikely. A once-quiet offseason has become chaotic very, very quickly.