Yesterday, we got a report from San Diego Union-Tribune’s Kevin Acee that the Red Sox and Padres remain in talks surrounding Wil Myers. Here is an excerpt from his report:

On the front burner of Preller’s extended hot stove cooking is an enduring attempt to move Wil Myers. Sources said in the past two days that talks between the Padres and Boston Red Sox are ongoing, and a deal seems contingent on the Red Sox taking on around half of the $61 million owed Myers over the next three years. The Red Sox are interested in pitcher Cal Quantrill, as well as highly regarded prospects Luis Campusano and Gabriel Arias, though the Padres are unlikely to part with all three and other minor leaguers could be in the mix. Quantrill is considered a key component of the Red Sox’s interest.

When first looking at this, a fan may ask why? The team just traded their homegrown star Mookie Betts and a proven starter in David Price to, presumably, shed payroll to get under the luxury tax threshold. So, why would the Red Sox be looking to add more money to their payroll? Well, you can make a strong case in favor of it.


What Chaim Bloom and company would be doing with a move like this would essentially be buying prospects to stock up their depleted farm system. The big reason the Padres would do this is the Red Sox would be taking on some of Wil Myers’ contract. Myers’ $83 million contract is back-loaded, so his AAV is only $13.8. Red Sox Stats on Twitter cleared this up for many people yesterday:

In Acee’s report, he lists Cal Quantrill, Luis Campusano, and Gabriel Arias as the possible prospects the Red Sox could possibly receive in a deal. Interestingly enough, these are the same names we heard in the Red Sox/Padres Mookie Betts rumors.


We haven’t heard anything else on the rumors since yesterday. I will say that I take anything that comes out of the Padres side of rumors with a grain of salt. We have heard several different rumors this offseason that end up not being anything. I would feel more confident in the rumors if one of the bigger MLB reporters picks the story up. I’d assume if a deal is to happen, it would happen sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez / USA Today Sports