A Red Sox roster short of depth will be hard-pressed to weather serious injury concerns.

It’s been a bit of an odd start to the season for Chris Sale. At first, it was announced that he’d be delayed due to a bout with pneumonia but would remain on track with his standard throwing. Now, it’s being reported that the Red Sox ace, and leader of the pitching staff, is headed for an MRI.


CC’s Take:

The illness news was a bit concerning, but given the start to the season for Chris Sale in 2019, beginning slow wasn’t the worst possible outcome. All indications were that while a slow start wasn’t ideal, Sale’s elbow has seen very little cause for concern…until this morning.

After facing live hitters, the injury news can sound all emergency bells within the Red Sox organization, and fans. Anytime a pitcher has dealt with serious elbow concerns, the dreaded torn Ulnar Collateral Ligament, there is serious cause for concern. There’s no doubt that Sale will be shut down for the foreseeable future while the organization awaits the results of the MRI, that are reportedly being sent to none other than Doctor James Andrews.

The Red Sox had taken the cautious approach. A delayed start, even combined with cutting-edge technology to monitor the stress of Sale’s elbow. However, they are now faced with the reality that this rotation needs reinforcements. It should have had them in place months ago, but now Chaim Bloom is going to need to react in some manner.

A Chris Sale elbow surgery isn’t just a concern for 2020, but rather for the outlook of the rest of his contract with the Red Sox. He’s a pitcher that has thrived off of a funky arm angle and an injury such as this could entirely derail a career, if it is the worst case scenario. If you’re panicking, it’s certainly validated and there’s no question that arguably the most chaotic first offseason as a GM is only getting worse for Chaim Bloom.

Panic Meter: 8

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