Potential Trade Targets

It’s no secret that the Boston Red Sox have made acquiring a power bat this off season’s number one priority as they’ve been linked to hot names like Giancarlo Stanton, JD Martinez, Eric Hosmer, and most recently, Jose Abreu. Each of those players comes with potentially crippling financial attachments, and in the case of Stanton / Abreu, a few highly regarded prospects. There are some … Continue reading Potential Trade Targets

Addressing the Power Outage

Watching the 2017 Postseason was an eye opening experience for Red Sox fans. Losing to the eventual World Series champion Houston Astros gave us a first hand glimpse of what our team is missing from being true championship contenders. The Astros are a pretty similar team to the Red Sox on the surface. Their core of Altuve, Springer, and Correa have just about the same … Continue reading Addressing the Power Outage