Class Time: Offseason Vocabulary

Major League Baseball may not warrant mega TV ratings for their amateur drafts each June as the NFL does in April, but they certainly know how to entertain the masses come the offseason. It’s hard to even call it an “offseason,” with all the business being handled: the Arizona Fall League, World Baseball Classics, the Winter Meetings, and let’s not forget Boston’s own Truck Day, … Continue reading Class Time: Offseason Vocabulary

Is it Baseball Season Yet?

I can’t quantify my love for baseball by typing words onto a computer screen. But to me, it’s the perfect combination of relaxation, drama, hand claps and groans. It’s borderline insulting when people refer to it as “just a game,” but that’s the naïveté of a person I don’t need to concern myself with. Baseball is bigger than a sport in our great region; it’s … Continue reading Is it Baseball Season Yet?

Scoring Runs is at a Premium in Boston

I spent a small fraction of the summer wondering what kind of offensive output the team could have rewarded the fans with if Hanley didn’t do this: .242 / 58 R / 62 RBI His dismal performance was further exacerbated because it came in a year where it was paramount for him to ease the impact of Ortiz’s retirement. Of course, a majority of the … Continue reading Scoring Runs is at a Premium in Boston

Sox Should Take a Hard Look at Arrieta 

The Red Sox faltered in back to back ALDS matchup due to a highly ineffective pitching staff. Former manager John Farrell, plus the lineup he fielded each game, were just as poor; but both are in the process of being corrected. Alex Cora has taken the reigns of the Sox, and Dombrowski has been openly adamant about adding a middle of the lineup hitter. So … Continue reading Sox Should Take a Hard Look at Arrieta 

JBJ is standing in the way of Stanton, Cain

Jackie Bradley Jr. is one of the Major League’s top defenders, at any position. It also happens to be, that we’re enjoying an era in which sabermetrics and analytics have allowed defense to be measured statistically, creating an emphasis on the forgotten aspect of modern day baseball.  It’s unfortunate to partake – as fans of the homegrown center fielder – in the scuttlebutt surrounding this year’s … Continue reading JBJ is standing in the way of Stanton, Cain

Rusney Castillo’s shot at redemption

Photo Credit: Boston Globe 2014 was an abhorrent year for the Red Sox from start to finish. They placed last in the division, 25 games out of first, lost Jon Lester (only 21 starts in ’14) due to poor negotiational tactics, had one player surpass the 55 RBI mark, and added a pair of national leaguers, named Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez. And in August … Continue reading Rusney Castillo’s shot at redemption

Pedroia will miss significant time

We haven’t quite reached uncharted territory, but it’s going to be unusual to not have number 15 in the Opening Day lineup. But as any coach, manager, or front office affiliate will attest, injuries are part of the game. So, how do the Sox make do without Pedroia? First we must determine what needs to be replaced. Certainly, it’s not a voice in the clubhouse. … Continue reading Pedroia will miss significant time

Dustin Pedroia: Twelve for the City 

Photo Credit : Getty Images As a bullied youngster, I have massive amounts of appreciation for vertically challenged athletes. Muggsy Bogues, the 5’3″ point guard of Bill Murray’s Tune Squad; Imagine him and Isaiah making up a backcourt? The two of them attacking the ball on a double team would be like watching a March of the Penguins behind the scenes exclusive. Jose Altuve, another … Continue reading Dustin Pedroia: Twelve for the City 

Player Profile: Rafael Devers

Photo From : WEEI On July 25th, the Red Sox top minds came together at the arranged meeting place, determined by the president of baseball operations himself. Each member of the front office took their seat at the round table, with notebooks, iPhones, and Microsoft Surfaces in hand. A dimly lit light hovered overhead, as vape smoke danced in the air, with the bright m … Continue reading Player Profile: Rafael Devers